Truro’s First Parish Congregational Meeting House Calendar

(Services have concluded for 2014)

           Concerts & Special Events Are Presented by the Parish

            or by the Friends of the Truro Meeting House*


September 20, 2014 ~ Saturday - Truro Reads Truro , Readings for Truro Treasures, 5:30 - 6:30PM*

Have you a favorite selection reminiscent of Truro? Sign up to read by calling 508-246-5057  or simply come to hear others evoke our town.  It can be original prose or poetry,

or a piece that you've savored over the years and would like to share with others. 


Learn more about the Friends of the Truro Meetinghouse here: 

Concerts are hosted by the First Congregational Parish of Truro or *Sponsored by the Friends of the Truro Meeting House

Click here for directions to the Meeting House: 

 and to learn more about Truro's oldest public building, try:


















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